Customer Evaluation


Foreign customers evaluation: customers’ full name or company name is not displayed according to customer's request.


Mr. Wilson: Sale manager of an pet food company in UK, said, “We have worked with the company to produce several ranges of products that are very popular in the market, with advanced production technology, strict quality control and delicious taste that fully meet the needs of consumers. This partnership has allowed us to rapidly expand our brand and build a good reputation.”


Mr Davis, who is responsible for pet food sales in American superstore, stated, “We have adapted some special products and sold them internationally, which are popular with consumers for their high quality. More importantly, they are able to respond quickly to what we need, with flexible capacity and prompt delivery. Not only that, but also their professional team has given us a great deal of support and co-operation, and I am very pleased with the service they have provided.”


MR. Maupassant, the purchase manager of an pet food company in France, said, “ As one of the most reliable pet food supplier, they owns high-quality and innovative products, advanced production equipment, exquisite technology, and strict production process. Moreover, they can be able to respond our requirements and questions. We are look forward to further co-operation with great satisfaction.”


Mr.Silva y Velasquez, the manager of pet food distributor in Span, said, “I have worked with the company for many years because their products are of consistent quality, not only do they taste good, but they are also nutritious, which is exactly what I want in pet food, and they have always been able to deliver on time and provide good customer service, all of which makes me very happy.”


Mr.Adenauer, the manager of the biggest distributors in German, said, “It is a great honor to work with the company for many years. Their products are very popular with our pet consumers, excellent in quality and delicious in taste. And with their advanced production technology, they are able to customize products to meet our needs, while being fast to respond and deliver. I am pleased with them.”


Ms.van den Brand, the director of sales of a Netherlands pet food company, said, “ Working with the company has yielded many benefits for us, for example, their products are of first-class quality and have strong competitiveness; they attach great importance to product innovation and improvement, and always keep pace with market demand; their service is efficient and professional, and always customer-centered, which makes us very satisfied. We look forward to working with them over the long term!” 


Evaluation of domestic agents: customers’ full name or company name is not displayed according to customer's request.


Manager Chen, the agent in Chaoshan District, Guangdong Province, said, “as an emerging pet market, we are very fortunate to work with Shandong Dingdang Pet Food Co., Ltd., as they not only provide high quality products, but also share market trends and marketing suggestions, which have greatly contributed to our business development.”


Director Yang, a pet food distributors in Hebei Province, said,  “cooperation with the Company has been very smooth. Their products satisfy our needs for pet food, delicious and comprehensive nutrition. They also place great emphasis on product quality control to ensure the hygiene and safety of each batch. Working with them has enabled us to rapidly expand our market share and achieve remarkable sales results.”


Manager Wu, the purchasing manager of a large online shopping platform, said, “They are very professional and efficient, not only providing us with diversified products, but also supporting us to create a personalized customized product line. In short, it is very pleasant to cooperate with them.”


Miss Ma, who is responsible for the counter of a superstore, said, “We have been working with this company for many years and their products are of consistent and reliable quality. Whether it is private label or OEM production, both are delivered on time. This gives us a competitive edge in the marketplace.”


Manager Li, who work in large chains of pet care, said, “ We will recommend your products to every customer, not only tasty, but also help to maintain the health of pets skin and hair, we really feel very satisfied to see the improvement of pets.”


The headmaster Han of an Pet school said, “The company's treats are popular with dogs and contain healthy ingredients that play an important role in training and help to improve our training courses.”