Our Advantages


Professional technology and rich experience: with an experienced and skilled R&D team and a production team, both with the expertise and skills in the field of pet food manufacturing, the quality and safety of the products can be guaranteed. the Company has a flexible production capacity, able to carry out small or large quantities of processing production according to customer needs, whether customizing individual products or mass production, we are able to meet customer requirements.


Perfect quality control system: the Company has established a strict quality control system, from raw material procurement to production process and finished product inspection, to ensure that the products meet national and industry standards.Moreover, and there are special quality inspectors who inspect and sample each batch of products to ensure the quality and safety of the products.


High-quality raw materials:The Company places great emphasis on product quality, using high- quality raw materials and advanced production technologies to guarantee the taste and nutritional value of its products.,we cooperate with reliable suppliers and pay attention to the selection of high-quality raw materials, including meat, vegetables, fruit, etc., to ensure the freshness and quality of raw materials, so as to ensure the taste and nutritional value of products.


Customization: A focus on communication and collaboration with customers allows the Company to customize processing services based on customers' needs and requirements ​.with years of experience in pet food research and development, and a deep understanding of market trends and consumer needs, the company is able to offer agents a range of innovative products to meet different market needs.


Post-sales Servicethe Company will give quick feedback and act accordingly if there is a product problem. And the after-sales service is available online 24 hours a day to manage the feedback and complaints, ensure your satisfaction and then to build long-term relationships.


Global Expertise and Efficient Supply Chain: As a Sino-German joint venture, we combine the technological expertise and precision of German engineering with the innovation and agility of the Chinese market. Combining Germany's precision in production with China's efficient supply chain management results in a streamlined and cost-effective operation. This synergy enables us to promptly fulfill orders, minimize lead times, and offer competitive pricing to our clients.