Sino-German joint venture

Shandong Dingdang Pet Food Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), a Sino-German joint venture, was established in 2014.

1.The Company has gradually grown in size and the number of production personnel has increased from 90 to 400.With more capital, the Company would be able to expand its operations, hire more top professionals and fully expand its production space. By completing an integrated structure from raw material sourcing to production and delivery, it will be able to deliver consistently and be more competitive in the global supply chain system.

2.The R&D technology is more sophisticated and products are expanded from cat treats to all categories.With shared resources, the Company will have instant access to the most accurate market data available to further optimize the R&D directions and develop products that better match market preferences based on pet owners' purchasing trends. This will give it more pricing power than others.

3.Thanks to more advanced production technology, the Company has faster production and more consistent quality.After communication between both parties, the Company has improved the workshop management system. With the rational allocation of operators and supervisors and the assembly line, product quality and timely delivery can be fully guaranteed.

4.The sales scope has grown rapidly, from a reliance on regular customers to an expansion into 30 countries.​Through sharing and interaction, the sales resources of both parties will be integrated to further expand the sales coverage, which would promote the rapid transformation from OEM and ODM to OBM, enhance market competitiveness, and ultimately raise the global visibility of China's pet food industry and even the national brands.

Sino-German joint venture