DDC-26 Biscuits Twined by Chicken and Lamb Natural Treats For Dogs OEM Dog Treats

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Brand OEM/ODM / private label Dog Treats
Age Range Description Adult
Feature Ustainable, Stocked
Crude Protein ≥35%
Crude Fat ≥2.2 %
Crude Fiber ≤1.1%
Crude Ash ≤2.2%
Moisture ≤18%
Ingredient Chicken,Rawhide,lamb,Sorbierite,Salt

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This Cowhide, Chicken And Mutton Dog Snack Not Only Strictly Controls The Ingredients And Nutrition, But Is Also Carefully Designed In Terms Of Taste And Functionality. The Product Uses Natural And Fresh Raw Materials, Does Not Contain Any Grains And Spices, And Satisfies Dogs' Desire For Meat. Craving, Pure Meat Is Easy To Digest And Absorb And Will Not Burden Your Dog’s Digestive System, Allowing Your Pet To Enjoy Every Dog Snack With Confidence. At The Same Time, Our Products Undergo Strict Quality Control And Inspection To Ensure The Quality Of Each Rawhide Stick And The Safety Of Each Piece Of Fresh Meat, So That Owners Can Buy With Confidence And Choose The Best Quality Food For Their Dogs.

MOQ Delivery Time Supply Ability Sample Service Price Package Advantage Place Of Origin
50kg 15 Days 4000 Tons/ Per Year Support Factory Price OEM /Our Own Brands Our Own Factories  and Production Line Shandong, China
OEM Best Puppy Training Treats
OEM Best Dog Treats Supplier

1. High-Quality Raw Materials, Healthy And Delicious

This Dog Snack Uses Human-Grade Chicken And Mutton As Its Primary Raw Materials, And All Raw Materials Are Traceable, Ensuring The Quality And Safety Of The Product. Chicken Is An Easily Digestible Meat And Is Suitable For Dogs With Sensitive Digestive Systems. It Has Lower Fiber Content, Making It Easier For Your Dog’s Body To Absorb And Utilize It.

2. Scientific Combination, Rich In Nutrients

Through Scientific Proportioning And Nutritional Combination, This Dog Snack Can Provide Various Nutrients Needed By The Dog's Body. Both Chicken And Mutton Are Rich In High-Quality Protein, As Well As a Variety Of Vitamins And Trace Elements. At The Same Time, Mutton Can Also Maintain The Health Of Pets' Gastrointestinal Health, Improve Their Resistance, And Help Pets Better Cope With Challenges In The External Environment.

3. Unique Design, Delicious Enjoyment

The Crispy Meat On The Outside Is Full Of Meaty Aroma, And The Soft Leather On The Inside Is Flexible And Chewable, Which Is a Major Feature Of This Dog Snack. This Design Increases The Taste Of Food And Stimulates The Dog's Appetite. Even Picky Dogs Will Be Attracted To It. At The Same Time, The Flexible Cowhide Helps Dogs Clean Their Mouths And Reduce The Occurrence Of Oral Problems Through Long-Term Chewing, Allowing Owners To Enjoy And Care For Their Pets More Safely. This Is Also One Of The Biggest Features Of Cowhide Dog Snacks

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As a Quality Grain Free Dog Treats Supplier, We Have a Wide Range Of Products, Working With OEM Customers To Export More Than 500 Products And Sell Domestically More Than 100 Products. Our Products Cover Two Categories: Dog And Cat, Including Pet Snacks, Wet Food, Dry Food And Other Types. These Products Are Not Only Abundant In Quantity But Also Excellent In Quality. We Regard Every Detail As Crucial, From The Selection Of Raw Materials To The Control Of The Production Process, We Are Committed To Providing Delicious, Nutritious Food For Pets. This Dog Snack Product Is Also One Of Our Best-Selling Products. Dutch Customers Have Placed Orders Many Times And Have Received High Praise From The Market. We Support Customers To Customize Any Flavor, Any Size, Any Shape, And We Will Provide You With The Most Serious

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When Feeding Your Dog Treats, Be Sure To Provide Plenty Of Fresh Drinking Water. Water Is An Indispensable And Important Part Of a Dog's Daily Life And Is Essential For Maintaining Their Physical Health And Digestive Function. When Feeding Dogs, Owners Should Prepare Fresh And Clean Drinking Water In Advance And Ensure It Is Readily Available To Meet The Dog’s Drinking Needs.

If The Product Becomes Swollen Or Damaged During Use, Please Stop Using It Immediately And Contact The Seller For Replacement. Swelling Or Damage To The Product May Be Caused By Loose Packaging Or Improper Storage Conditions, Which May Affect The Quality And Safety Of The Product. Therefore, When An Abnormality Is Discovered In The Product, The Owner Should Take Immediate Measures To Stop Using It And Contact The Seller For Timely Replacement Or Return To Ensure The Safety And Health Of The Dog.

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