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Products Service OEM/ODM
Model Number DDXM-03
Main Material Dried Milk ,Cheese
Flavour Customized
Size 4-5cm/Customized
Life Stage Adult
Shelf Life 18 Months
Feature Ustainable, Stocked

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dog treats and cat treats OEM Factory

It is my great pleasure to introduce our company to you - a professional factory with ten years of OEM experience. With our excellent manufacturing capabilities and solid industry experience, we have won the trust and respect of customers in the OEM field. As an enterprise dedicated to providing customers with high-quality customized solutions, we are proud to have our own factory and advanced production lines, with an annual output of 4,000 tons, creating unlimited possibilities for customers.


 As The Holiday Season Approaches, It's Time To Shower Your Furry Friend With The Gift Of Joy And Wellness. Our Christmas Tree Dog Treats, Lovingly Crafted With a Medley Of Milk, Cheese, And Eggs, Offer a Delectable Blend Of Flavors While Providing Essential Nutrients. These Treats, Shaped Like Cheerful Christmas Trees, Promise To Be The Highlight Of Your Dog's Festivities.

Ingredients That Matter:

Our Christmas Tree Dog Treats Are a Harmonious Fusion Of Ingredients, Each Selected To Contribute To Both Taste And Nutrition:

Milk: A Source Of Calcium And Protein, Milk Supports Bone Health And Overall Vitality.

Cheese: Packed With Flavor And Nutrients, Cheese Adds An Irresistible Appeal To These Treats.

Eggs: A Complete Protein Source, Eggs Provide Essential Amino Acids For Muscle Support And Energy.

Versatile Treats For Various Occasions:

Our Christmas Tree Dog Treats Are Designed To Enrich Different Aspects Of Your Dog's Daily Life:

Nutritional Supplement: These Dog Treats Offer An Additional Layer Of Nutrition, Complementing Your Dog's Regular Diet With Essential Nutrients.

Entertainment And Joy: Shaped Like Festive Christmas Trees, These Dog Treats Add a Playful Element To Your Dog's Leisure Moments. They're Perfect For Rewarding Good Behavior And Bringing Excitement To Playtime.

NO MOQ, Samples Free, Customized Product, Welcome Customers To Inquire And Place Orders
Price Factory Price, Dog Biscuits Wholesale Price
Delivery Time 15 -30 Days、Existing Products
Brand Customer Brand or Our Own Brands
Supply Ability 4000 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging Details Bulk Packaging、OEM Package
Certificate ISO22000,ISO9001,Bsci,IFS,Smate,BRC,FDA,FSSC,GMP
Advantage Our Own Factory And Pet Food Production Line
Storage Conditions Avoid Direct Sunlight,Store In a Cool And Dry Place
Application Play, Reward, Nutritional Supplementation
Special Diet Fish Oil, Vitamins, Weak Stomach, Limited Ingredient Diet(LID)
Health Feature Healthy Blood Vessels, Easy to Digest, Edible for Puppies
Keyword Dog Treats,Dog Biscuits,Christmas Dog Treats,OEM Factory

Chemical-Free Assurance: Our Commitment To Your Dog's Well-Being Is Paramount. These Dog Treats Are Free From Artificial Additives, Ensuring a Pure And Wholesome Snacking Experience.

Crunchy Delight: The Dog Biscuits Crispy Texture Adds a Satisfying Crunch To Your Dog's Snacking Routine, Enhancing Both Taste And Engagement.

Gentle On Digestion: These Treats Are Designed To Be Easily Digestible, Minimizing Any Discomfort While Ensuring Optimal Nutrient Absorption.

Vital Nutrients: The Combination Of Milk, Cheese, And Eggs Offers a Range Of Essential Nutrients, Including Protein, Calcium, And Amino Acids, Which Are Crucial For Your Dog's Health.

Festive Design: Shaped Like Christmas Trees, These Dog Treats Capture The Festive Spirit And Add a Touch Of Merriment To Your Dog's Daily Routine.

Balanced Nutrition And Pleasure: Our Treats Strike The Perfect Balance Between Nutritional Value And Indulgence. Your Dog Gets To Enjoy a Scrumptious Snack While Benefiting From Essential Nutrients.

Quality Assurance: From Ingredient Selection To Packaging, Our Dog Treats Undergo Meticulous Quality Checks, Ensuring That Every Treat Meets Our Rigorous Standards.

Our Christmas Tree Dog Treats Combine The Magic Of The Holiday Season With a Commitment To Your Dog's Well-Being. Whether Served As a Nutritional Supplement, a Reward For Good Behavior, Or a Source Of Joy During Leisure Moments, These Treats Are a Versatile Addition To Your Dog's Routine. With Natural Ingredients, a Festive Design, And a Focus On Your Dog's Health, These Treats Are a Delightful And Thoughtful Gift. Choose Our Christmas Tree Dog Treats To Elevate Your Dog's Festive Celebrations And Provide a Taste Of Joy, Nutrition, And Delight.

Crude Protein Crude Fat Crude Fiber Crude Ash Moisture Ingredient
≥7.0% ≥0.4% ≤0.6% ≤3.3% ≤9.0% Wheat Flour,Vegetable Oil,Sugar,Dried Milk ,Cheese,Soybean Lecithin,Salt 

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