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Pure Chicken Breast Is The Only Raw Material To Make Pure, Additive-Free Freeze-Dried Chicken Cat Snacks. The Single Meat Source Is More Suitable For CatsMeat Needs, And The High-Quality Protein Reduces The Risk Of Allergies. The Compact Diced Chicken Shape Design Is More Suitable For Cats’ Mouths. It Can Be Used As a Snack Or As a Supplement To Cat Food To Support The Healthy Growth And Vitality Of Cats.

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Service OEM/ODM / private label Cat Snacks
Age Range Description Dog and Cat
Crude Protein ≥68%
Crude Fat ≥2.1%
Crude Fiber ≤0.4%
Crude Ash ≤3.1%
Moisture ≤9.0%
Ingredient Chicken Breast

Freeze-Dried Cat Snacks Made Of Pure Chicken Not Only Satisfy Cats' Carnivorous Nature, But Also Bring Many Health Advantages. First Of All, Compared With Traditional Cat Treats, Freeze-Dried Cat Snacks Do Not Contain Artificial Ingredients Such As Additives And Preservatives, So They Are Purer And Safer. Secondly, Freeze-Dried Cat Snacks Retain The Original Nutrients Of Meat Through Low-Temperature And Quick-Drying, Including High-Quality Protein, Vitamins And Minerals, Which Are Helpful For The Growth And Development Of Cats And The Maintenance Of Their Immune Systems. In Addition, The Production Process Of Freeze-Dried Cat Treats Does Not Require The Addition Of a Large Amount Of Oil Or Salt, Which Reduces The Risk Of Pets Ingesting Unhealthy Ingredients, Helps Control Pets' Weight And Blood Sugar Levels, And Reduces The Risk Of Obesity, Diabetes And Other Diseases.

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Our Freeze-Dried Chicken Cat Treats Are Fresh, Single-Ingredient, Low-Fat, Grain-Free And Paired With Cat Food, Giving Your Cat a Healthy, Safe And Delicious Snack Option.

1. This Freeze-Dried Chicken Cat Treat Uses Fresh Chicken Breast As The Only Raw Material. It Comes From Inspected Farms And Is Traceable, Fully Ensuring The Freshness And Safety Of The Raw Materials.

2. Single-Ingredient Cat Snacks Only Contain Chicken Breast Without Adding Any Other Ingredients, Thus Greatly Reducing The Risk Of Cat Allergies. Especially For Cats With Sensitive Gastrointestinal Or Digestive Problems, This Design Is a Health Guarantee .

3. Compared With Traditional Cat Treats, Products Made From Pure Chicken Breast Have Extremely Low Fat Content. One Ounce Of Chicken Contains About 70 Calories. Even Cats Who Need To Control Their Weight Can Enjoy It Without Worrying About Consuming Too Many Calories. Cause Obesity

4. This Freeze-Dried Chicken Cat Snack Is a Healthy Grain-Free Food, Which Means That It Does Not Contain Common Grain Ingredients Such As Wheat And Corn, Which Helps Cats Digest It More Easily And Protects Gastrointestinal Health.

5. Our Freeze-Dried Chicken Cat Snacks Can Not Only Be Used As Snacks Alone, But Can Also Be Eaten Together With Cat Food To Supplement Enough Protein To Help Cats Maintain a Healthy Weight And Adequate Nutritional Intake, While Also Helping To Reduce Picky Eaters. , Making The Owner Feel More At Ease.

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As a Freeze Dried Cat Treats Manufacturer, We Have a Set Of Significant Advantages In Oem Cat Treats And Production, Which Makes Us One Of The Leading Players In The Market.

First Of All, We Have Established Long-Term And Stable Cooperative Relationships With High-Quality Raw Material Suppliers. These Suppliers Are Rigorously Screened And Evaluated To Ensure That The Raw Materials They Provide Meet Our Quality Standards And Food Safety Requirements. This Kind Of Cooperation Ensures That Our Cat Snacks Are Always Made With The Highest Quality Ingredients, Providing Cats With Safe And Healthy Food Choices.

Secondly, We Have Professional Processing Personnel And Advanced Production Equipment. Our Processing Personnel Have Received Professional Training, Have Rich Production Experience, And Are Able To Skillfully Operate Various Equipment To Ensure That The Product Processing Process Is Safe And Efficient. At The Same Time, We Use Advanced Freeze-Drying Technology And Equipment To Ensure That The Product Maintains Its Original Nutrients And Taste During Processing, Thereby Producing High-Quality Freeze-Dried Cat Snacks.

In Addition, Our Production Capacity Is Efficient And Stable. We Have Advanced Production Lines And Management Systems That Can Automate And Standardize The Production Process, Improve Production Efficiency, And Ensure a Stable Supply Of Products. This Enables Us To Meet Customer Needs In a Timely Manner And Ensure Timely Delivery Of Orders.

Finally, Our Cat Snack Has Passed International Certification And Reached a Cooperation Order With a German Customer. This Proves That The Quality And Safety Of Our Products Have Been Recognized By The International Market, Laying a Solid Foundation For Our Further Development In The International Market.

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This Cat Treat Made Of Pure Chicken Breast Has Won The Favor Of Cats And Owners Through Its Pure Meat Flavor And Rich Nutrition. However, You Must Pay Attention To The Amount Control When Feeding To Ensure That The Cat Can Maintain a Healthy Weight And a Good Digestive System. . To Prevent Cats From Being Picky Eaters Or Overeating, There Are a Few Things Owners Can Do. For Example, Cat Treats Can Be Fed Separately From Meals, Or Treats Can Be Divided Into Multiple Feedings To Keep Your Cat's Eating Habits Stable. At The Same Time, It Is Also Crucial To Maintain Adequate Water Drinking, Because Water Can Help Cats Digest Food, Promote Metabolism, And Maintain Good Health.

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