Lamb Filled Dental Care Chew Dental Sticks For Puppies Wholesale and OEM

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Products Service OEM/ODM
Model Number DDDC-24
Main Material Chicken、Lamb
Flavour Customized
Size 1.5cm/Customized
Life Stage All
Shelf Life 18 Months
Feature Ustainable, Stocked

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dog treats and cat treats OEM Factory

Our Dedicated Research And Development Team Boasts Extensive Industry Experience And Can Formulate Satisfying Pet Snack Recipes Based On Customers' Needs And Goals. We Understand That Pets Have Different Health And Taste Requirements, So Our Formulas Can Be Personalized Based On The Pet's Age, Specific Health Conditions, And Flavor Preferences. This Ensures That Our Products Are Attractive In The Market And Meet The Needs Of Various Pet Owners.


Gourmet Dog Chew Treats - A Nutrient-Rich Delight For Your Pup

Every Dog Owner Wants The Best For Their Furry Companion, And That Includes Providing Them With Delicious And Nutritious Treats. Our Gourmet Dog Chew Snacks Are Specially Designed For Puppies, Offering a Delectable Combination Of Flavors And a Myriad Of Benefits.


Our Gourmet Dog Chew Treats Are Crafted With The Utmost Care And Attention To Detail. We Understand The Importance Of Providing Your Puppy With a Well-Rounded Diet, And That's Why We'Ve Chosen Premium Ingredients:

Mouthwatering Chicken Coating: The Outer Layer Of Our Chew Treats Is Coated With Succulent Chicken. Chicken Is Not Only a Delectable Flavor That Dogs Adore, But It's Also Rich In High-Quality Protein. This Essential Nutrient Helps To Build And Maintain Strong Muscles, Boost The Immune System, And Promote Overall Vitality In Your Pup.

Pure Natural Lamb Filling: The Heart Of Our Treats Lies In The Pure, Natural Lamb Filling. Lamb Is An Excellent Source Of Energy, Making It The Perfect Choice For Active Puppies. Additionally, Lamb Is Renowned For Its Insulating Properties, Keeping Your Furry Friend Warm And Cozy In Colder Weather. What's More, Lamb Is Less Likely To Cause Obesity In Dogs, Making It An Ideal Choice For Maintaining a Healthy Weight.

NO MOQ, Samples Free, Customized Product, Welcome Customers To Inquire And Place Orders
Price Factory Price, Dog Treats Wholesale Price
Delivery Time 15 -30 Days、Existing Products
Brand Customer Brand or Our Own Brands
Supply Ability 4000 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging Details Bulk Packaging、OEM Package
Certificate ISO22000,ISO9001,Bsci,IFS,Smate,BRC,FDA,FSSC,GMP
Advantage Our Own Factory And Pet Food Production Line
Storage Conditions Avoid Direct Sunlight,Store In a Cool And Dry Place
Application Dog Treats, Training Rewards, Special Dietary Needs
Special Diet High-Protein, Sensitive Digestion, Limited Ingredient Diet(LID)
Health Feature Skin & Coat Health, Improve Immunity, Protect Bones,Oral Hygiene
Keyword Dog Chews Factory,Bulk Dog Chews,Dental Dog Chews Wholesale

Product Applications And Advantages

Our Gourmet Dog Chew Treats Have a Multitude Of Applications And Advantages That Make Them a Must-Have For Every Puppy Owner:

Tailored For Puppies: These Treats Are Specifically Designed With Young Pups In Mind. They Provide Essential Nutrients That Support Healthy Growth And Development During Those Crucial Early Months.

Oral Health: The Act Of Chewing These Treats Helps To Remove Plaque And Tartar Buildup, Improving Your Puppy's Oral Hygiene. This, In Turn, Contributes To Fresher Breath And Overall Dental Health.

Training Aid: Treats Play a Vital Role In Training Your Puppy. Our Gourmet Chews Are Not Only a Tasty Reward But Also a Motivating Incentive For Good Behavior During Training Sessions.

Boredom Buster: When Your Furry Friend Is Left Alone At Home, Our Delectable Chew Treats Can Keep Them Engaged And Entertained, Preventing Boredom-Related Behaviors And Destructive Chewing.

Customization: We Understand That Every Puppy Is Unique, Which Is Why We Offer a Range Of Flavors And Sizes To Suit Your Pup's Preferences And Dietary Needs. Whether Your Pup Loves Chicken, Lamb, Or Both, We'Ve Got You Covered.

Wholesale And Oem Support: Are You a Pet Store Owner Or a Pet Product Distributor? We Offer Wholesale Options To Help You Stock Our Gourmet Dog Chew Treats In Your Store. Additionally, We Provide Oem Services, Allowing You To Create Your Own Branded Version Of Our Popular Product.

In Summary, Our Gourmet Dog Chew Treats Are a Delectable Delight That Offers An Array Of Benefits For Puppies And Their Owners. With The Perfect Combination Of Chicken And Lamb, These Treats Provide Essential Nutrients, Promote Oral Health, Aid In Training, And Stave Off Boredom. We Are Committed To Offering Customizable Options And Support For Businesses. Treat Your Puppy To The Best – Try Our Gourmet Dog Chew Treats Today, And Watch Your Furry Friend Thrive!

Crude Protein
Crude Fat
Crude Fiber
Crude Ash
≥5.0 %
Lamb,Chicken,Rice Flour, Calcium,Glycerin,Potassium Sorbate, Dried Milk,Parsley,Tea Polyphenols,Vitamin A,Natural Flavoring

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