dingdang pet food enriches cute pets, making them grow healthier

What are the six major nutrients needed by the human body? I believe many friends will blurt out: carbohydrates (sugars), fats, proteins, vitamins, water and inorganic salts (minerals). So, do you know what nutrients your cat or dog needs? It is estimated that many friends will be in trouble at this time. The nutrients needed by cats and dogs are quite different from those of people. Even if there are consistent ingredients, the required intake is also different, which is why they are not suitable for eating human food for a long time, and different breeds of cats and dogs also require different nutrients, so what should the cuties do? Eating to eat healthier?

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Of course, use professionally made dog food or dog snacks to take care of these cute pets, such as dingdang pet food, which focuses on cat food and dog food. Its products are developed for different breeds of cats, cats and dogs. Balance, use the “enrichment” method to make your cute pets grow healthier.

However, “enrichment” does not refer to simple nutritional accumulation. Take a golden retriever special dog food from dingdang pet food as an example. Considering that the bones and joints of medium and large dogs need to bear the heavy pressure brought by the weight, the formula needs to be Sufficient protein ratio can support the bone and joint health of medium and large dogs. Therefore, high-quality beef and deep-sea fish are selected to create a meat feast. The low-salt and low-fat formula relieves tear stains on the eyes and strengthens golden retriever bones. At the same time, it is rich in The hair-beautifying factor can also make the dog’s skin more moisturized, its coat brighter, and its growth healthier.

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Similarly, in terms of cat food, dingdang pet food also strictly matches the daily habits of cats, and uses scientific proportions to achieve nutritional balance. Take its special food for Ragdoll cats as an example. You must know that Ragdoll cats are known as “white and rich in cats”. One of the reasons is that its coat is smooth and shiny. The hair factor makes its hair more shiny. At the same time, deep-sea fish meat is matched with selected chicken, which can meet the daily nutrition needs of cats. In addition, the brand also considers that many Ragdoll cats have fragile stomachs, and probiotics are added to help Helps cats digest and absorb, making cats healthier.

In addition, dingdang pet food not only “enriches” cute pets in terms of nutrition, but also considers the teeth bite force and teeth grinding requirements of different breeds of dogs and cats in terms of pet food particle shape, and the particle size and hardness are different, so that Every kind of cat, cat and dog is more comfortable and healthy when eating Dingdang pet food.

If you are choosing pet food for your cute pet, you might as well come to Dingdang Pet Food and use exclusive customized dog food or cat food to make it grow healthier.

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Post time: Dec-14-2022