The Necessary Formulas That Are Necessary For High -Quality Dog Food To Be Easily Ignored In Dog Food

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When Choosing Dog Food For Dogs, We Usually Notice Whether The Formula Of Dog Food Is Beneficial To The Health Of The Dog. Among Them, It Is Bound To Notice Whether The Material Contained In Dog Food Is Pure Natural Without Adding, Whether The Animal Protein Contains The Meat By -Products, Whether It Contains All Natural Vitamins And Minerals

In Addition, a High -Quality Dog Food Should Also Include Some Of The Following Ingredients:

That Is, Dha And Epa, As We All Know, These Two Ingredients Can Promote Brain Development And Improve Skin Health. It Mainly Comes From Deep -Sea Fish Oil. Dha Is One Of The Main Components Of Cells And Cell Membranes. Get In Diet, At The Beginning Of The Dha, a Plant Plankton Originated From The Sea. Plant Plankopia Contains The N-3 Series α-Linoleic Acid, Epa And Dha. After Being Eaten By Small Fish, The Food Chain Is Formed. It Is Eaten By Large Fish Again. In The Process Of Forming The Food Chain, The α-Linoleic Acid Intake By Fish Will Be Transformed Into The Form Of Epa And Dha, Which Is Accumulated In The Fish Body. The Fish Contains Dha, And The Fish Oil Is The Most Content In The Fish. In Addition, Dried Seaweed Powder Can Also Provide Abundant Nutritional Ingredients, And The Calcium Contained In Dried Seaweed Is More Likely To Be Absorbed. This Is Rarely Provided By Land Plants In Addition To Very Few Plants Such As Flaxseed Oil.

Glucosamine And Cartilantin

Glucosamine (Amino Glucose, Amin Sulfate Glycogen) Is a Natural And Biochemical Substance That Exists In Cartilage, Which Constitutes The Main Component Of Osteo Liquid In Joints And Connective Tissues. It Is a Lubricant Naturally Produced By Joints. One. Glucosamine Helps To Form Protein Polysaccharides, Which Can Be Filled In Cartilage To Restore The Joint Structure. Glucosamine Can Effectively Reduce Joint Pain Caused By Orthopedic Arthritis And Improve Joint Exercise Capabilities. It Can Slow Down And Reverse Joint Degeneration, Which Has Analgesic And Anti -Inflammatory Effects. Because It Is a Substance That The Human Body Can Synthesize Naturally, It Is Very Safe And Has No Side Effects.

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Blossomin Is a Biological Polymer. It Is a Polysaccharide Substance That Constitutes Cartilage And Connective Tissue. It Can Constitute The Elastic Connection Matrix Between Cartilage Protein Fibers. It Is One Of The Most Important Nutrients Formed With Cartilage Tissue. A Large Number Of Cartilantin Is Concentrated In The Cartilage Of The Joints, Which Can Supplement The Stickiness Of Joint Cartilage. It Has a Good Improvement Of Rheumatoid Arthritis And Bone Spurs, Which Can Also Increase Human Immunity, Inhibit Wound Ulcers And Tumor Regeneration.

Probiotics And Prebiotics

These Are The Two Most Easily Overlooked Parts, And They Are Also The Leading Concepts In The Field Of Human Nutrition. Studies Have Shown That High -Quality Probiotic Bacteria Can Help Regulate The Stomach And Stomach, Reduce The Symptoms Of Some Diarrhea, And Greatly Help Promote Lactose Digestion For Lactose Intolerance. Prebiotics Mainly Refers To The Fructo Hydrolytic (Fos). Limosaccharides Can Promote The Growth Of Small Intestine, Such As Lactobacillus, And Can Kill Some Intestinal Pathogenic Bacteria, Such As Spindle -Shaped Bacteria And Other Colorectal Bacteria Genus And So On.

In Addition, It Should Be Noted That Some Dog Foods Particularly Highlight The Ingredients Of Magnesium. Although Magnesium Is Also An Important Component Of Bones And Teeth, It Is Mainly Combined With Protein Into a Complex. Participate In Protein Synthesis, Muscle Contraction And Body Temperature Regulation. It Exists In Food, And It Is Mostly Millet, Oats, Barley, Wheat And Beans. However, The Magnesium Content In The Body Can Meet The Needs Of Metabolism By Intake Of These Foods. There Is No Additional Supplementation. Excessive Magnesium Can Not Only Affect The Absorption Of Calcium, But Also Cause Dysfunction Of Exercise Function And Cause a Burden On The Heart And Kidneys.

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