Popcorn Sticks with Chicken with Oats and Chia Seed Natural Dog Chews Wholesale and OEM

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Products Service OEM/ODM
Model Number DDDC-20
Main Material Chicken、Popcorn Sticks
Flavour Customized
Size 36cm/Customized
Life Stage All
Shelf Life 18 Months
Feature Ustainable, Stocked

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dog treats and cat treats OEM Factory

Our Company Is Committed To Offering Premium Dog Treat And Cat Snack Wholesale Services, Along With Professional OEM Services. We Understand That Customer Demands Can Be Diverse. Consequently, Our Production Lines And Equipment Are Equally Diverse To Accommodate Different Types And Scales Of Orders. Whether It's Small-Batch Personalized Customization Or Large-Scale Production Requirements, We Can Flexibly Adjust Production Processes To Ensure Swift Deliveries.


Product Introduction: Oat Chia Seed Chicken Popcorn Sticks - Designed For Canine Oral Health

In The Realm Of Canine Care, Oral Health Stands As a Paramount Concern. We Take Immense Pride In Unveiling An Innovative Dog Chew Treat Meticulously Tailored To Provide Comprehensive Oral Care For Your Beloved Canine Companion. Crafted From a Blend Of Oats, Chia Seeds, And Chicken, Our Popcorn Sticks Not Only Tantalize Taste Buds But Also Contribute To Maintaining Robust Teeth And Gums. Whether Your Furry Friend Is a Large Breed Or a Playful Pup, Our Product Delivers Meticulous Oral Care.

High-Quality Ingredient Selection

Our Dog Chew Treat Boasts An Ingeniously Crafted Formula, Curated With Premium Ingredients. Oats, Rich In Fiber, Aid In Gently Removing Minute Debris From Teeth While Supplying Sustained Energy. Chia Seeds, Abundant In Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Aid In Curbing Oral Inflammation And Preserving Gum Health. Meanwhile, The Inclusion Of Chicken, a High-Protein And Low-Fat Source, Caters To Your Pup's Discerning Palate.

Comprehensive Oral Care Benefits

Our Dog Chew Treats Confer a Multitude Of Oral Care Benefits. Firstly, The Unique 36cm Length Encourages Thorough Chewing, Stimulating Blood Circulation In The Oral Cavity And Curbing The Formation Of Dental Calculus. Secondly, The Distinctive Popcorn Stick Texture Gently Massages Gums, Alleviating Discomfort And Enhancing Overall Dental Well-Being. Additionally, The Presence Of Oats And Chia Seeds Actively Contributes To Tooth Cleansing, Forestalling Oral Issues.

NO MOQ, Samples Free, Customized Product, Welcome Customers To Inquire And Place Orders
Price Factory Price, Dog Treats Wholesale Price
Delivery Time 15 -30 Days、Existing Products
Brand Customer Brand or Our Own Brands
Supply Ability 4000 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging Details Bulk Packaging、OEM Package
Certificate ISO22000,ISO9001,Bsci,IFS,Smate,BRC,FDA,FSSC,GMP
Advantage Our Own Factory And Pet Food Production Line
Storage Conditions Avoid Direct Sunlight,Store In a Cool And Dry Place
Application Dog Treats, Training Rewards, Special Dietary Needs
Special Diet High-Protein, Sensitive Digestion, Limited Ingredient Diet(LID)
Health Feature Skin & Coat Health, Improve Immunity, Protect Bones,Oral Hygiene
Keyword Natural Balance Training Treats,Organic Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Versatility Across Ages And Varied Flavors

Our Product Is Tailored To Cater To Canines Across All Life Stages, From Playful Pups To Mature Dogs, Allowing Them To Effortlessly Reap The Rewards. The Array Of Available Flavors Ensures Diversity, Enabling Dogs To Relish a Delectable Treat While Reaping Comprehensive Oral Health Benefits.

Distinctive Features And Competitive Edge

Our Oat Chia Seed Chicken Popcorn Sticks Stand Out In The Market For Several Reasons. Firstly, Our Focus Transcends Mere Oral Care, Encompassing The Holistic Health Of Your Beloved Pet. Beyond Oral Health Considerations, We Prioritize High-Quality Proteins And Fibers To Ensure Well-Rounded Nutrition. Moreover, Our Treats Have Been Meticulously Crafted For Both Flavor And Texture, Guaranteeing a Delightful Chewing Experience For Your Furry Friend. Most Importantly, Our Popcorn Sticks Are Free From Artificial Additives, Providing a Natural And Authentic Taste Sensation.

For Pet Owners And Suppliers Alike

Whether You're a Devoted Pet Parent Or a Pet Supply Provider, You Understand The Pivotal Role Of Canine Health In Their Overall Happiness. By Opting For Our Oat Chia Seed Chicken Popcorn Sticks, You're Not Just Providing a Delectable Treat; You're Making a Valuable Investment In Your Pet's Oral Well-Being. Head To Our Official Website To Explore More Product Details And Purchasing Options. Let's Collectively Bring Health And Joy To Your Four-Legged Companion!

Please Visit Our Official Website To Learn More About The Product And Purchase Options. Join Us In Enhancing Your Dog's Well-Being And Happiness!

Crude Protein
Crude Fat
Crude Fiber
Crude Ash
≥3.0 %
Chicken,Popcorn Sticks,Chia,Oat, Calcium,Glycerin,Potassium Sorbate, Dried Milk,Parsley,Tea Polyphenols,Vitamin A

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