Screwed Duck and Cod Sandwich Wholesale Dog Treats for Resale

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Products Service OEM/ODM
Model Number DDD-19
Main Material Duck、Cod
Flavour Customized
Size 15m/Customized
Life Stage All
Shelf Life 18 Months
Feature Ustainable, Stocked

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Introducing Our Delectable Duck Dog Treats – a Specially Crafted Snack Designed With Tender Loving Care For Your Young Canine Companions. These Treats Come In a Unique Twisted Stick Shape, Making Them Easy To Handle And Even Easier To Savor. With a Blend Of Succulent Duck Meat And Nutritious Cod Fish, These Treats Are Not Only Delicious But Also Provide a Range Of Benefits For Your Puppy's Well-Being. Whether You'Re a Pet Owner Looking To Indulge Your Furry Friend Or a Business Interested In Customization And Wholesale Options, Our Duck Dog Treats Are The Perfect Choice.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Our Duck Dog Treats Are Made Using Premium Ingredients, Ensuring a Combination Of Flavor And Quality:

Tender Duck Meat: Duck Meat Is Not Only Highly Palatable But Also a Source Of Quality Protein Essential For Your Puppy's Growth And Development.

Nutrient-Rich Cod Fish: Cod Fish Adds a Nutritious Touch, Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids That Support Heart And Joint Health.

Benefits For Your Puppy

These Treats Offer Numerous Advantages To Enhance Your Puppy's Health And Happiness:

High-Quality Protein: Duck Meat Provides Easily Digestible, High-Quality Protein Necessary For Muscle Development And Overall Vitality.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Cod Fish Is a Fantastic Source Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Which Contribute To Healthy Skin, a Shiny Coat, And Strong Joints.

Gentle On Young Teeth: The Tender Texture Of These Treats Is Perfect For Puppies With Developing Teeth And Jaws, Promoting Good Dental Health.

NO MOQ, Samples Free, Customized Product, Welcome Customers To Inquire And Place Orders
Price Factory Price, Dog Treats Wholesale Price
Delivery Time 15 -30 Days、Existing Products
Brand Customer Brand or Our Own Brands
Supply Ability 4000 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging Details Bulk Packaging、OEM Package
Certificate ISO22000,ISO9001,Bsci,IFS,Smate,BRC,FDA,FSSC,GMP
Advantage Our Own Factory And Pet Food Production Line
Storage Conditions Avoid Direct Sunlight,Store In a Cool And Dry Place
Application Dog Treats, Training Rewards, Special Dietary Needs
Special Diet High-Protein, Sensitive Digestion, Limited Ingredient Diet(LID)
Health Feature Skin & Coat Health, Improve Immunity, Protect Bones,Oral Hygiene
Keyword Pet Snacks Manufacturer,Wholesale Pet Snacks,Pet Snacks Factory

Versatile Applications

Our Duck Dog Treats Have Various Applications To Suit Your Needs:

Training Rewards: Use These Treats As Positive Reinforcement During Puppy Training Sessions. Their Delicious Flavor Will Motivate Your Puppy To Learn And Follow Commands.

Daily Rewards: These Treats Are Suitable For Daily Indulgence And Can Be Given As a Reward For Good Behavior.

Customization And Wholesale: We Offer Customization Options For Businesses Interested In Creating Unique Puppy Products, As Well As Wholesale Availability.

Advantages And Unique Features

Our Duck Dog Treats Come With a Host Of Advantages And Unique Features:

Designed For Puppies: The Tender Texture Of These Treats Is Ideal For Young Puppies, Ensuring They Can Enjoy a Tasty Snack Without Straining Their Developing Teeth.

Dual Protein Delight: The Combination Of Duck And Cod Fish Provides a Balance Of Flavors And Essential Nutrients, Enhancing The Overall Quality Of The Treats.

Health-Promoting Ingredients: Omega-3 Fatty Acids From Cod Fish Contribute To Your Puppy's Skin, Coat, And Joint Health, While Duck Meat Offers Easily Digestible Protein.

Customization And Wholesale: Businesses Have The Opportunity To Customize These Treats Or Purchase Them In Bulk, Tailoring Their Offerings To Their Customers' Needs.

In Conclusion, Our Duck Dog Treats Are The Perfect Choice For Pet Owners Who Want To Provide Their Young Puppies With a Delicious And Nutritious Snack. Crafted With Top-Quality Ingredients, These Treats Offer a Range Of Benefits, From Protein-Rich Nutrition To Dental Health Support. Whether You'Re Using Them For Training, Daily Rewards, Or As Part Of a Business Venture, Our Duck Dog Treats Are Sure To Delight Your Puppy And Contribute To Their Overall Well-Being. Join Us In Treating Your Furry Friend To a Taste Of These Delectable Delights And Watch Them Wag Their Tails With Joy After Every Bite.

Crude Protein
Crude Fat
Crude Fiber
Crude Ash
≥3.5 %

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