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Selected Pure Raw Cowhide And Fresh Duck Breast Are Used As Raw Materials, And Through Multiple Drying Processes, They Are Made Into Dog Snacks Suitable For Dogs’ Mouths. High-Quality Rawhide Has Enough Chewiness And Toughness To Help Clean Teeth And Massage Gums. , Duck Meat Provides Rich Protein And Delicious Taste, Increasing The Dog’s Appetite.

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Service OEM/ODM / private label Dog Treats
Age Range Description Adult
Crude Protein ≥40%
Crude Fat ≥4.0 %
Crude Fiber ≤1.5%
Crude Ash ≤2.2%
Moisture ≤18%
Ingredient Duck,Rawhide,Sorbierite,Salt

This Rawhide And Duck Dog Snack Specially Developed For Dogs To Chew Not Only Provides Rich Nutrition And Delicious Taste, But Also Fully Meets The Natural Needs Of Dogs. It Is One Of The Products Loved By Customers.

In Order To Retain The Nutrients And Natural Taste Of Cowhide, We Use a Low-Temperature Baking Process To Avoid Overheating, Which Can Lead To Nutrient Loss And Poor Taste. After Being Baked At a Low Temperature, The Texture Of The Cowhide Becomes Softer And Easier To Chew, While Retaining Its Natural Flavor And Nutrients, Providing Pets With a Healthy And Delicious Dog Snack Option. We Understand That Dogs' Health Is Vital To Their Owners, So We're Committed To Providing Your Pet With The Highest Quality, Safest Dog Treats.

Chewy Dog Treats Manufacturer
OEM Dog Training Treats

1. Selected Cowhide, Clean And Healthy

The Cowhide Raw Materials We Use Come From Carefully Selected High-Quality Raw Cowhide, Which Has Been Strictly Screened And Processed To Ensure That The Surface Is Clean And Free Of Impurities. We Are Committed To Providing The Purest And Healthiest Dog Snack Options For Pets, So We Insist On Using Real Cowhide That Is Visible To The Naked Eye And Refuse To Use Synthetic Cowhide, So That Dogs Can Chew With Confidence.

2. High-Quality Duck Meat With Rich Meat Flavor

When Duck Meat Is Selected As The Raw Material For This Dog Snack, The Freshness And Nutrition Of The Duck Meat Are Retained Through Strict Selection And Rapid Processing. We Refuse To Use Frozen Meat Or Synthetic Meat, And We Reject Any Additives And Artificial Ingredients To Avoid Adverse Effects On Pets, So That Your Dog Can Enjoy The Purest Delicious Food.

3. Healthy Chewy Dog Treats

Promotes Tooth Cleaning And Protects Dental Health Through The Natural Action Of Chewing. The Toughness Of Cowhide And The Tender Taste Of Duck Meat Create a Unique Chewing Experience. This Chewing Process Can Help Dogs Remove Food Residues And Tartar From Their Mouths, Reduce The Formation Of Dental Calculus, And Help Prevent The Occurrence Of Oral Diseases. Therefore, Long-Term Consumption Of This Healthy Chew Dog Treat Can Help Maintain Your Dog's Oral Health.

Rawhide Dog Treats Supplier
OEM Natural Dog Treats Manufacturer

As a Professional Dog Snacks And Cat Snacks Manufacturer, We Have Strong Production Strength And Rich Experience, Able To Provide Customers With High-Quality And Diversified Cowhide Dog Snack Products. Over The Years, We Have Continuously Accumulated And Improved Production Technology, Focused On Product Quality And Innovation, And Strived To Meet Pet Owners' Needs For High-Quality Snacks.

We Provide Comprehensive Customer Service And Technical Support. Committed To Becoming a High-Quality Chewy Dog Treats Manufacturer, Our Team Has Professional Knowledge And Rich Experience And Is Able To Provide Customers With a Full Range Of Services, Including Product Consultation, Technical Support, Marketing, Etc. We Focus On Communication And Cooperation With Customers To Ensure That They Receive a Satisfactory Product And Service Experience

OEM Dog Treats For Puppies

Used Only As a Dog Treat Or As a Training Aid, This Product Is Hard And Should Not Be Eaten By Dogs Under 6 Months Of Age. In Addition, Correct Supervision Is Crucial. Owners Should Make Sure Their Dogs Are In a Safe Environment When Eating Rawhide Dog Treats And Watch Their Chewing Closely. Supervision Can Promptly Detect Whether There Are Any Abnormalities, Such As Difficulty Swallowing Or Eating Too Fast, And Take Corresponding Measures.

Some Dogs Are Allergic Or Intolerant To Duck Or Cowhide And May Develop Digestive Problems And Itchy Skin. If Your Dog Feels Ill After Eating This Rawhide Dog Treat, Stop Feeding Them And Consult Your Veterinarian.

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