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The Combination Of Fresh Tuna And High-Quality Cheese Makes This Liquid Cat Snack Rich In Protein And Calcium, Which Promotes The Healthy Growth And Development Of Cats. The Liquid State Is Easy For Cats To Swallow And Digest. It Is Especially Suitable For Elderly Cats With Bad Teeth Or Digestive Problems. Cat. It Can Effectively Increase The Appetite Of Picky Cats And Help Them Maintain Healthy Eating Habits.

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Service OEM/ODM  private label Cat Treats
Age Range Description All
Crude Protein ≥8.0%
Crude Fat ≥1.5 %
Crude Fiber ≤1.0%
Crude Ash ≤2.0%
Moisture ≤80%
Ingredient Tuna 38%, water, frozen chicken 13%, konjac powder, cheese 3%, fish oil

This Liquid Cat Snack Made Of Pure Tuna And Cheese Can Enhance Your Cat’s Immunity, Protect Eyesight, And Supplement Calcium. It Is a Healthy And Delicious Choice That Allows Your Cat To Get a Comprehensive Nutritional Supplement While Enjoying Delicious Food. Nutritional Support.

To Ensure Our Products Are All-Natural And Safe, Our Cat Treats Are Free Of Grains, Artificial Flavors And Colors. We Use a Single-Raw Material Production Process To Maintain The Original Flavor Of The Ingredients, So That Your Cat Can Use It With Confidence. This Moist And Soft Texture Cat Snack Is Not Only Easier For Cats To Accept, But Also Reduces The Risk Of Food Allergies And Digestive Problems, Allowing Your Cat To Enjoy Pure And Healthy Delicious Food.


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This Liquid Cat Treat Is Suitable For Cats Of All Ages And Sizes, Especially Those Who Need Extra Nutritional Support, Such As Senior Cats Or Cats In Recovery. Not Only Does It Serve As a Delicious Daily Snack, But It Can Also Be Used As Part Of a Healthy Eating Plan For Your Cat.

1. High Protein: Tuna And Chicken Are Rich In High-Quality Animal Protein, Which Is Easier To Absorb And Digest Than Plant Protein And Is Not Easy To Gain Weight. It Helps Cats Grow And Maintain Their Muscles, Improve Immunity, And Support Their Overall Health And Vitality.

2. Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Dha Rich In Tuna Help Maintain The Health Of Cats’ Skin And Hair, And Improve Allergies, Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease And Skin Diseases. Also Vital For Your Cat’s Heart Health And Immune System.

3. Rich In Calcium: This Liquid Cat Snack Is Added With Cheese. Cheese Contains Calcium And Is Easy To Absorb. It Helps Cats Supplement Calcium And Strengthen Bones, Which Helps Cats Have Healthy Bones And Strong Teeth. At The Same Time, The Rich Flavor Of Cheese Can Attract Cats’ Sense Of Taste And Increase Their Appetite.

4. High Moisture: This Cat Snack Has a Moist And Soft Texture, Which Is Easy To Lick And Digest. It Is Suitable For Kittens And Elderly Cats With Poor Chewing Ability. It Also Helps To Supplement The Water Intake Of Cats Who Don’t Like To Drink Water And Helps To Reduce Kidney Disease. Disease And Risk Of Lower Urinary Tract Disease.

Liquid Cat Treats Factory
Our Liquid Cat Snacks Are Characterized By Tender Meat, Easy To Lick And Digest, Making Them a Delicious Choice That Cats Love. Each Tube Is Carefully Crafted To Ensure The Tenderness And Texture Of The Meat, Making It Easy For Cats To Lick And Digest. This Delicate Texture Not Only Satisfies The Cat's Taste Preference, But Also Reduces The Burden On The Gastrointestinal Tract, Allowing The Cat To Enjoy Delicious Food While Staying Healthy.  The Design Of 15 Grams Per Tube Is Very Convenient, And Cats Can Squeeze It And Eat It Directly. This Form Is Not Only Suitable As a Cat Snack, But Can Also Be Mixed With Dry Cat Food To Increase The Cat's Appetite And Nutritional Intake. The Squeeze Design Ensures The Freshness And Convenience Of Cat Treats, Allowing You To Provide Your Cat With a Delicious Treat Anytime, Anywhere.  Our Liquid Cat Treats Are Rich In Taurine And Single-Source Protein, Making Them Suitable For Cats With Sensitivities Or Allergies. Taurine Is An Essential Nutrient For Cats That Helps Maintain Heart And Visual Health. The Single Source Of Protein Can Reduce The Risk Of Food Allergies, Allowing Every Cat To Enjoy This Delicious Snack With Peace Of Mind.  We Use Healthy Tuna As Raw Material To Provide Your Cat With More Nutrients. Tuna Is Rich In High-Quality Protein And Fatty Acids And Is An Important Source Of Healthy Diet For Cats. Tuna Is Also Rich In Vitamins And Minerals That Help Maintain Your Cat’s Overall Health And Vitality.

As One Of The Most Popular Wholesale Liquid Cat Treats Manufacturers, We Have More Than 400 Experienced Professionals Covering Production, Quality Inspection, Packaging And Logistics. This Team Is Committed To Ensuring Product Quality And Delivery Speed, And Providing Customers With Excellent Service And Support.

, We Have a Large Production Factory And Advanced Production Lines As Well As Sophisticated Fully Automatic Processing Equipment, Which Can Quickly And Stably Complete Every Order From Customers.

Our Cooperation With Our Customers Is Not Just a Transaction, But Is Based On Long-Term Trust And Cooperation. We Strive To Ensure That Every Customer Receives Personalized, Professional Service And Provide Ongoing Support And Assistance Regarding OEM Cat Treats And Dog Treats. Whether a Customer Is An Individual Pet Shop Looking For a Unique Formula Or a Large-Scale Retailer, We Can Provide a Solution To Meet Their Needs.

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This Liquid Cat Snack Has a Rich Meaty Aroma And Is The First Choice For Many Cat Families. If It Is a Multi-Cat Family, The Owner Can Determine The Appropriate Amount Of Food According To The Weight, Age And Activity Level Of Each Cat, And Place It In The Corresponding Food In The Bowl.

Each Cat's Body Constitution And Food Intake May Be Different, So Using The Same Food Bowl May Result In Uneven Distribution Of Food And Even Competition For Cat Treats. Not Only Does This Increase Tension Between The Cats, It Can Also Result In One Cat Getting Too Much Or The Other Cat Not Getting Enough.

In Addition, If a Cat Begins To Lose Its Appetite Or Suddenly Increases Its Food Intake, It May Be a Sign Of Physical Discomfort And Requires Timely Examination. In Addition, Observing The Cat's Physical Condition Can Also Help The Owner Determine Whether It Is Necessary To Adjust The Diet Or Increase The Amount Of Exercise.

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