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Products Service OEM/ODM
Model Number DDRT-10
Main Material Ostrich
Flavour Customized
Size 7cm/Customized
Life Stage All
Shelf Life 18 Months
Feature Ustainable, Stocked

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dog treats and cat treats OEM Factory

Esteemed Customers, We Thank You For Your Interest And Support In Our Company. As a Specialized Oem Enterprise, We Deeply Understand That Your Needs Drive Us Forward. We Are Committed To Providing You With Exceptional Products And Services, Ensuring An Unparalleled Collaborative Experience.


Introducing Nutrient-Rich Wet Cat Treats Crafted From Healthy Horse Meat

Are You In Search Of a Cat Treat That Combines Both Health And Taste In a Harmonious Blend? Look No Further Than Our Innovative Wet Cat Treats, Meticulously Crafted From The Goodness Of Carefully Raised And Inspected Horse Meat. These Treats Are Designed To Provide Your Feline Companion With a Delightful Taste Experience While Contributing To Their Overall Well-Being.

Quality Ingredients At The Core

Our Wet Cat Treats Revolve Around The Central Ingredient Of Healthy Horse Meat. We Take Pride In Sourcing Horse Meat That Has Undergone Stringent Checks To Ensure Its Quality And Suitability. This Lean And Protein-Rich Meat Forms The Foundation Of Our Treats, Offering a Nutrient-Packed Profile That Caters To Your Cat's Nutritional Needs.

Nutritional Excellence And Immunity Boost

Our Treats Stand As a Testament To Our Commitment To Providing Superior Nutrition For Your Cherished Cat. Horse Meat Is Not Only Low In Fat But Also a Rich Source Of Protein, Along With Essential Vitamins Such As B1, B2, B6, And K. Additionally, It Contains Vital Minerals Like Iron, Calcium, And Phosphorus. These Nutrients Collectively Contribute To Enhancing Your Cat's Immunity And Overall Health.

Texture And Taste Tailored To Feline Preferences

The Texture Of Our Wet Cat Treats Is Designed With Your Cat's Satisfaction In Mind. The Meat's Characteristic Chewiness Offers An Enjoyable Chewing Experience That Cats Naturally Gravitate Towards. This Textured Delight Not Only Aligns With Feline Preferences But Also Contributes To Promoting Healthy Dental Habits.

NO MOQ, Samples Free, Customized Product, Welcome Customers To Inquire And Place Orders
Price Factory Price, Dog Treats Wholesale Price
Delivery Time 15 -30 Days、Existing Products
Brand Customer Brand or Our Own Brands
Supply Ability 4000 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging Details Bulk Packaging、OEM Package
Certificate ISO22000,ISO9001,Bsci,IFS,Smate,BRC,FDA,FSSC,GMP
Advantage Our Own Factory And Pet Food Production Line
Storage Conditions Avoid Direct Sunlight,Store In a Cool And Dry Place
Application Increase Feelings, Training Rewards, Auxiliary Addition
Special Diet No Grain, No Chemical Elements, Hypoallergenic
Health Feature High Protein, Low Fat, Low Oil, Easy To Digest
Keyword Healthiest Wet Cat Treats,Healthy Treats For Cats

Versatile Usage For Holistic Well-Being

Beyond Being a Mouthwatering Treat, Our Wet Cat Treats Offer a Multitude Of Benefits That Contribute To Your Cat's Overall Health. These Treats Can Supplement Your Cat's Diet With Essential Nutrients, Provide Additional Hydration, And Even Contribute To Maintaining Healthy Blood Levels Due To The Iron Content In Horse Meat. Furthermore, The Treats Can Support The Regulation Of Physiological Functions.

Unparalleled Advantages And Distinctive Features

Our Wet Cat Treats Differentiate Themselves Through Their Nutritional Value, Quality Sourcing, And Attention To Feline Health. The Utilization Of Healthy Horse Meat Adds a Unique Element To The Treats, Providing a Protein Source That Is Not Commonly Found In Typical Cat Foods. This Diversity Can Contribute To a Well-Rounded Diet For Your Cat.

Moreover, The Treats' Versatility In Usage Allows You To Cater To Your Cat's Specific Needs, Whether It's Providing Hydration, Supplementing Nutrition, Or Offering Training Rewards. The Treats Embody a Blend Of Essential Nutrients And Enjoyable Taste, Making Them a Comprehensive And Enjoyable Option For Your Feline Friend.

In a Market Full Of Choices, Our Wet Cat Treats Exemplify a Commitment To Quality, Nutritional Excellence, And Holistic Cat Care. With Healthy Horse Meat As The Core, a Range Of Nutrients, And a Texture That Resonates With Feline Preferences, Our Treats Redefine How You Express Care And Delight To Your Cherished Cat.

In Conclusion, Our Wet Cat Treats Encapsulate Both The Essence Of Taste And Holistic Well-Being. When You Seek a Treat That Caters To Your Cat's Health While Delivering a Delightful Experience, Remember That Our Healthy Horse Meat Treats Embody The Fusion Of Quality, Nutrition, And Enjoyment In Every Bite. Choose The Best For Your Treasured Feline – They Deserve Nothing Less!

Crude Protein
Crude Fat
Crude Fiber
Crude Ash
≥3.5 %

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